December 17, 2010

Just getting started

This is my workspace, and I hope you enjoy!

The idea of this site basically is to host reviews for different laser products. Eventually I might start branching out but for the time being, I think lasers is a fantastic nerdy hobby that I want to get into, and I think there's a lot of stuff that is always coming out that needs to be addressed.

I think I want my focus to be the Chinese knock-off market. The reason I say that though is because I think there are a lot of deals to be had out there, and some knockoffs are actually better than others.

Of course, I'll have some really nice, professional products as well. It'll just be more of a space/gap inbetween professional products because of the expenses associated with anything that is worthwhile.

I've already ordered two lasers. One is on it's way soon I hope, and the other is currently pending payment. *Meaning, I have to finish paying for it before it's shipped off, though I'm hoping to do that before the end of next week. I would like to have a nice laser to play with through the holidays*

So let me talk about the lasers I've just ordered.

O-like "Cute" 250mW 650nm Red Laser Review (OL-CR-250)

This is the first one, and it looks like this:

It put me back around 82$ (Being Canadian eh?)
So the laser itself retails for 59.99USD, but I also had to order safety glasses with it. (14.99, but it covers almost the whole spectrum of red, from 590nm up to 780nm)

Once the glasses come in, I'll review those as well.

So that's my first order. I'm just waiting for it to be shipped, though I don't expect to actually see it until next year sometime.

The second order I did is actually a custom used order.

There's a forum I'm a newer member of, called, and there's a user there called Phoenix77 who actually messaged me asking if I would be interested in purchasing one of his lasers. I had mentioned in a few threads how I was wanting to get a powerful laser, and he messaged me asking if I wanted to buy a 1.4W 445nm blue laser.

WOW. 1.4 WATTS. That's like... WAY way way more power than I'm used to. I think the most powerful laser I've ever had was maybe 50-60mw, and that was with horrible IR so it just seemed more powerful than it actually was.

Well, I digress. There's not too much I can say about it right now, other than to say that I'll pay for it, probably this Friday coming up and hopefully Rob can have it shipped out soon!

At any rate, this is just the beginning and I plan on having lots of pics, videos, and eventually a solid review of each laser and what they can do.

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